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Digital Learning Environment

students_laptops.jpgContemporary learning environments offer flexibility and opportunities for collaboration, independence and connectivity toglobal resources. This sort of ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning is supported by access to portable technologies (eg laptops).

The Xavier Catholic College approach is developed out of the following emerging issues and implications for contemporary learning and teaching in all schools in Brisbane Catholic Education.

Learning and Teaching:

  • Learners and teachers create contemporary learning environments and quality learning outcomes as they shape and enrich their own and others’ worlds.
  • Contemporary learning is personalised and provides anytime, anywhere access for students to portable technologies.
  • Teachers’ access to the Australian Curriculumand supporting professional resources will be delivered online.
  • Brisbane Catholic Education is establishing access to teacher and student online learning and teaching environments and content.

This is underpinned by the following assumptions:

  • The world of students within and beyond the school is connected by the use of contemporary information processing, communication and collaboration tools.
  • Teachers engage in continuous learning to enhance their professional practice and the practices of their students.
  • School and organisation leaders create the conditions that enable the vision to be realised.
  • Parents are empowered to become actively involved in their child’s education by accessing online communication, learning, reporting and monitoring systems.
  • Planning and resourcing is future focused and flexibly delivered within the learning context of the school.
  • Accountability and improvement are reviewed through the School Cyclical Review process in accordance with the BCE Strategic Renewal Framework.

Year 7-8 iPads

Xavier-iPad.jpgStudents in Years 7 and 8 at Xavier Catholic College are supplied an iPad mini as standard school equipment through our 1-to-1 iPad program.  Curriculum tasks for students in these year levels will involve the use of iPads.

Our goal is for students to use iPads as a tool to support key processes in learning - accessing, organising, processing and publishing information, collaboration, creativity and communication, and for teachers to use them as an environment to facilitate deeper engagement in learning and higher-ordering thinking. These processes, which align with the ACARA ICT Capabilities, moves students away from seeing ICT devices as a tools for researching, emailing and typing assessment to being catalysts for further knowledge exploration and skill development.

The iPad has the varied functionality that will allow students to consume information as well as produce information in a mobile form through:

  • Textbooks  and novels available on the iPad. This not only alleviates the need to carry heavy textbooks in their school bag, it provides on-demand access to these rich resources.
  • A wide range of classroom apps and tools as part of the ever-evolving digital platform for learning.
  • The rich combination of resources that are available 24/7. Innovative teaching and learning tools and materials are being developed and will continue to be released as we move forward.
Students will also need to follow the iPad Program Guidelines that are published below. This document outlines to students and parents how iPads should be used in class, around the school and at home. Students are expected to have their iPad at school, charged and have suffiient space to save class work, as well as abide by the standards outlined by the school's Responsible Use Agreement.

Year 9-12 Laptops

In recognition of the fact that the nature of the tasks students are required to perform change as they progress throuh their secondary schooling, new laptops are issued to students in Year 9 each year. These devices are available to students to use 24x7 while they are students of the College. Students will also be able to continue using their iPad as a companion device.

Like the iPad program, students are expected to follow the Laptop Program Guidelines that are also published below.

Key Documents

Conditions of Use of Computer and Internet Resources - Consent Form.pdf​
​The Conditions of Use of Comptuer & Internet Resources  - Consent Form outlines the terms and conditions under which ALL students access and use ICLT resources provided by the College.
Laptop Program Guidelines.pdf ​The Laptop Program Guidelines are in addition to the Responsible Use of Comptuer & Internet Resources for students in the 1to1 laptop program.
iPad Program Guidelines.pdf​ The iPad Program Guidelines are in addition to the Responsible Use of Computer & Internet Resources for students in the College iPad program.​
Physical Damage Form

​IT Management Services Incident Report Physical damage form.

Lost or Stolen Device Form ​IT Management Services Lost or Stolen device report form.
Yr 7 iPad - Parent Information Session.pdfYr 7 iPad - Parent Information Session.pdf
​​PDF of the presentation delivered at the iPad session for Yr 7 parents.