Annual Reporting

From 2005, all schools must publish an annual school report for parents and the community. While all the information in the attached report for the previous year can be found elsewhere on this website, it is published here to meet Government requirements. For further details relating to School Annual Reporting, parents can click on the link below to read the document, Changes to Schools Reporting.


A major sign of a healthy and developing community is its capacity to renew itself. Such renewal involves critical reflection by the community on its essential purpose(s) as it encounters constant change and new challenges, a review and validation of the authenticity of its practice and a commitment to continuous improvement.
This Strategic Renewal Plan provides a systematic process for school improvement and renewal. It provides a framework for:
  • deciding, and setting of goals;
  • how the goals are to be achieved;
  • regular monitoring of the achievement of goals and
  • reporting to the school community and Brisbane Catholic Education.


2012 2016 Strategic Renewal Plan.pdf2012 2016 Strategic Renewal Plan.pdf ​2012 2016 Strategic Renewal Plan
Pastoral Board Policy  Booklet 2013.pdfPastoral Board Policy Booklet 2013.pdf ​College Pastoral Board Policies
BCE Strategic Renewal Framework 2012-2016.pdf ​The official Strategic Renewal Framework 2012-2016 will guide teaching and learning opportunities for students, shape the ongoing resourcing of school communities and enhance our partnership with local communities, parents, clergy and other educational providers. This framework shapes our future together.
2016 Annual Plan.pdf ​2016 Annual Plan

2015 Achievements Against Goals

​2015 Achievements Against Goals
Next Step 2016 Summary.pdfNext Step 2016 Summary.pdf ​​2015 Yr 12 Destination Survey Summary​
Next Step 2016 Summary.pdf2016 Annual Report.pdf ​2016 Annual Report