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Our enrolments process for the following year commences in May when advertisements are placed in the local paper and the enrolment package is loaded onto our website. Where waiting lists apply, we would still encourage you to apply so that a position for your child can be offered when a place becomes available. If you have any general questions about attending or enrolling at Xavier please contact the College on :

(07) 4197 1177 or by email on

Enrolment Information​
2015 Introductory Letter P-12.pdf ​Introductory Letter Prep - 12

2015 Application for Enrolment P-12 - Part A.pdf

2015 Application for Enrolment P-12 - Part B.pdf

Application Forms for Enrolment.
  • Part A - Use this form to apply for enrolment for up to 3 siblings.
  • Part B - Complete this form for each individual applicant P-12.
2015 Transition Form for Enrolment P-12.pdf2015 Transition Form for Enrolment P-12.pdf ​Please complete ​and sign page 1 of this document. Then forward the document to the child's current School/Kindergarten/Day Care to complete (see enrolment checklist on Page 1 in Part A).​
2015 BCE Brochure - Enrolment Support Procedures for Students with Special Education Needs.pdf ​This document provides information about enrolment application and support procedures for students with special educational needs.

​Kindergarten ​

Fact Sheet 1 Contact Details 2015.pdfFact Sheet 1 Contact Details.pdf
Kindergarten contact details - lists all points of contact for the kindergarten.

Fact Sheet 2 Kindergarten Fee Schedule 2014.pdfFact Sheet 2 Kindergarten Fee Schedule.pdf
​Information regarding fees and payment options for kindergarten. This form is to be completed as part of the kindergarten enrolment process.
Enrolment_ Agreement_2014.pdfKindergarten_Enrolment_Forms_2015.pdf
Enrolment Forms and Agreement that must be completed and submitted as part of the kindergarten enrolment process.
KINDY Booking Form 2014.pdfRequest for Booking 2016.pdf
This form is to be completed for future enrolments.
Child Enrolment Form 2014.pdfKindergarten Calendar 2015.pdf
Calendar of Kindergarten dates for 2015.