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Fees and Levies


​​Tuition Fees and Levies cover all compulsory activities including camps and sport. Tuition fees are set across the College for Senior, Middle and Junior Schools. Parents with children at Star of the Sea receive a discount on the Combined Total Annual Tuition Fee payable (this does not include General Levies, Subject Levies, Capital Levy (previously Building Fund Levy), P & F Levy or Technology Levy). 
Fees and Levies
2017 Fees and Levies.pdf2017 Fees and Levies.pdf
​2017 Fees and Levies
2017 Fee Payment Arrangements Letter.pdf2017 Fee Payment Arrangements Letter.pdf ​This document offers information in relation to the payment of College fees.
2017 Concession Application Form.pdf2017 Concession Application Form.pdf This form for use when advised by the Financial Secretary Income
2017 Guide for Calculation of School Fees and Levies.pdf2017 Guide for Calculation of School Fees and Levies.pdf ​Calculates the total annual cost for your family
2017 Payment Plan Calculation Form.pdf2017 Payment Plan Calculation Form.pdf ​A form to assist in calculating your families costs in accordance with the above document.
2017 Credit Card Authority Form.pdf ​For 2017 - Complete this form if you would like to pay School Fees by credit card on a regular basis. E.g. $500 per Month
2017 Direct Debit Authority Form.pdf ​For 2017 - Use the form to organise for weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments from your bank account
2017 Payment Date Calculator - Weekly Payments.pdf2017 Payment Date Calculator - Weekly Payments.pdf ​Use this document to determine the start and end dates for weekly payment plans.
2017 Payments Date Calculator - Fortnightly Payments.pdf2017 Payments Date Calculator - Fortnightly Payments.pdf
Use this document to determine the start and end dates for fortnightly payment plans.
Fees and Levies for Mid Term Enrolments.pdf Outlines how Fees and Levies are calculated for families with students commencing school during the year.
Fees and Levies Refund Policy ​Outlines how refunds for Fees and Levies are calculated for families departing the College.
School Fees Collection Guidelines.pdf ​These guidelines communicate expectations relating to payment of Fees and Levies to parents and also provide direction to Finance Staff assisting families with the payment of outstanding fees.