Assessment and Reporting


The assessing of student learning is an integral part of our classroom practice. It provides feedback to students on their learning, and informs our teaching. It is the process through which our teachers identify, gather and interpret information about student achievement and learning in order to improve, enhance and plan for further learning.

Teachers use a range of techniques and tools to gather the information required to make professional judgements about students' progress and achievement. These techniques focus on students' demonstrations of learning, are comprehensive, take account of individual learners, and are an integral part of the learning and teaching process.

Evidence of achievement should reflect the knowledge, understanding and skills described in the relevant achievement standards presented in the Australian Curriculum across Prep to Year 10 and the QCCA Criteria for Senior Subjects.



End of Term 1 Report

Xavier Catholic College meets the Australian Government legislative requirements related to reporting student progress and achievement, by providing a written report to parents at least twice yearly, written in plain English. We also offer the opportunity for the student and parents to meet with their child's teachers at least twice a year.

The first opportunity to meet with teachers occurs at the end of Term One and these interviews are based on an Interim Report summarising how students are performing over a range of performance descriptors. They are:

  • Behaviour - This means the student's ability to work within the classroom environment including appropriate interactions with other students and the teacher
  • Organisation - The student's ability to manage their work including time management, bringing correct equipment, being punctual, etc. 
  • Engagement - We expect that students will be actively engaged in the learning environment, demonstrating interest in their work and seeking clarification where needed.
  • Effort - Application to class work, homework and effective study habits that lead to students working to their potential.


End of Semester Reports

A report is provided for each learning area or subject studied, which summarises the semester's achievements and provides an indication of how the student has applied themselves to their learning.

Assessment against achievement standards, including any available national standards, is made using a five point scale - A, B, C, D, E - clearly defined against learning standards. There is also available the offer of information on a student's achievement relative to the child's peer group (cohort data).


​Below you will find documents that will provide a range of information that will assist you to access the Parent Portal as well as your reports. 


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