Mission and Vision

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Our Xavier Values – Inspired by G.R.A.C.E.


Grace is a gift from God which is given freely from infinite love and cannot be earned.

Grace enables people to regenerate, to find holiness, to be inspired to do good and to be strong enough to face life's challenges and resist temptations.


Gratitude:        Our school appreciates the gifts of God's grace that come to us each day and offers thanks to others and                                          to God for these blessings.


Respect:           Our school recognises that respect is the basis of all relationships and seeks to work in an atmosphere                                              of mutual trust where everyone's contribution is valued.


Acceptance:    Our school welcomes difference and accepts each person for who they are, appreciating the uniqueness                                          of their feelings, thoughts, opinions and identity.


Compassion:    Our school stands in solidarity with all who suffer, offering comfort and support with an attitude of joyful                                         service.


Education:        Our school is a community of learners where the quest for knowledge and truth, enlightened by faith, is                                           desired by all.


Our Xavier Vision


To provide an exceptional

Catholic education in the Ignatian tradition

which encourages all to strive for their personal best

and aspire to make a difference to the world.


Our Xavier Mission


We believe in a liberating education

founded upon the principles of excellence and equity.


​​​We seek to be an inclusive community

that welcomes each person with profound respect.


We encourage all to be 'people for others'

who are dedicated to seeking justice and peace.


We commit to living by the values of the gospel

and the example of Saint Francis Xavier.​