College Board

​The Xavier Catholic College Board comprises members of the Xavier Catholic College community who plan and approve policies which reflect Gospel values i.e. policies which give direction to the College and which promote its distinctive identity. In addition to policy making, the Board concerns itself in the provision and maintenance of school buildings and plant, curriculum, and has an advisory role in the area of staffing. Members of the College Board are elected every three years. It includes representatives of the staff, parents and Parish. From time to time, parents will be called on to volunteer for membership of task groups with specific tasks in the development and review of policies.


Current Board Members:

  • Principal - Mr. Simon Dash

  • Parish Priest - Fr Regimon Gervasis MCBS

  • Board Chair - Mr. Damien Golik

  • Parish Representative – Mr. John Donnelly

  • Parent Representatives - Mrs. Ellen Geldard, Mrs Sarah Smith, Mr Mick Toohey, Mr Andrew Garty, Mr Brian Hawthorne, Mrs Tania Riley, Mrs Niki Gent and Mr Tim Loague

  • Staff Representatives - Mr Andrew King, Mr Chris Relf, Mrs Liz Bunn

  • Staff Representative/Secretary - Mrs. Karen Grumley