House System

Xavier house names and mottos are derived from our college logo and the language and culture of the Butchulla people, the traditional owners of the land on which Xavier resides. Each house has been assigned a Butchulla motto and House Patron with a connection to Jesuit/Ignatian culture and ethos.


Means the dolphin which is the sacred totem of the Butchulla people

Butchulla Motto - “Murinj” (to act).

Colour - Blue

Patron - Mary Ward was the founder of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the Loreto Sisters).

Mary Ward had the conscience to challenge others in order to educate young women.



Is the Butchulla name for ‘sun’

Butchulla Motto  - “Buranga” (to know)

Colour - Yellow

Patron - St Ignatius of Loyola, together with our College Patron, Francis Xavier, is the founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).

This recognises St Ignatius’ competence, wisdom and love of learning


Is derived from the name Kondilli meaning ‘whale’

Butchulla Motto  – “Wuga” (to give)

Colour - Red

Patron - Mary MacKillop was the founder of the Josephite nuns, a religious order which valued the importance of education.

This recognises Mary MacKillop’s compassion and willingness to give to the poor and disadvantaged.


Is derived from the Butchulla name Narawi meaning ‘waves of the sea’

Butchulla Motto  - “Gam’ngan” (to guide)

Colour - Green

Patron - Edmund Ignatius Rice was the founder of a religious order which valued the importance of education (the Christian Brothers).

This recognises Edmund Rice’s commitment to education and the Christian Brothers tradition of service to the most disadvantaged.

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