The Loyola Administration Centre

This building is named after St Ignatius of Loyola who along with St Francis Xavier and five others formed the Society of Jesus  "the Jesuits". He was the first General of the Society and is renowned for his passion and tenacity. Ignatius of Loyola is also patron of the College House, Dirum.

Goa Performance and Activity Centre

From 1542 to 1545 Francis Xavier served as Apostolic Nuncio in Goa, the capital of the Portuguese Indian colonies. Francis Xavier returned to Goa on two separate occasions.Because of his love of Goa, and his deep association with the people, his body was sent there following his death, and has remained in a glass container encased in silver in the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Today, Goa is still an active mission for the Jesuits. Goa is home to our Student Support Centre and Junior Specialist Drama and Music Rooms.

Mary Mackillop Early Years Precinct

Mary Mackillop was canonised in 2010, making her Australia's first Saint. She began the Josephite Order of Nuns which offered education to all - particularly the under privileged. Mary Mackillop is also patron of the College House, Kondari.  This precinct is home for Preps to Year 3.

Gonzaga Precinct

Aloysius Gonzaga born into a privileged Italian family, renounced his inheritance at seventeen to join the Society of Jesus. He worked among victims of famine and plague in Rome, despite warnings. Gonzaga later caught the plague and died of weakness and exhaustion aged twenty-three. He is the patron saint of youth.  This

Peter Faber Middle School

Blessed Peter Faber attended university with St Ignatius Loyola and St Francis Xavier. He was Ignatius guide in academic matters; Ignatius was Peter's guide in spiritual matters. Peter Faber was one of the seven along with St Francis and St Ignatius who formed the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits.


Matteo Ricci Library

Matteo Ricci was a Jesuit priest born in Italy in 1552. He arrived in China at age 31 and in many ways completed the work that St Francis Xavier was unable to do.He excelled in terms of language and mathematics. He translated many western scientific and mathematical books into Chinese and published the first maps of China ever available in the West. He wrote a number of works on religious and ethical topics all in harmony with Chinese beliefs and culture. 2010 marked the 400th anniversary of Ricci's death.


Edmund Rice Middle School Technology Centre

Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice was founder of the Christian Brothers. He was a dedicated educator of young people who moved beyond the realm of conventional classroom which is a main priority of Middle Schooling. Edmund Rice is also the patron of the College House, Narwari.

Clavius Science Centre

Jesuit priest Christopher Clavius, born in Germany in 1538, was one of the earliest members of the Society. He was Professor of Mathematics at the Roman College for 45 years. He had the respect of men like Galileo and Kepler. He has been called the most influential teacher of the Renaissance.

Mary Ward Senior Studies Centre

Mary Ward was the founder of the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary, (Loreto Sisters). She was a dedicated educator particularly in terms of education of women. Ignatian spirituality is the basis of the spirituality of the Loreto Sisters. Mary Ward is also patron of the College House, Buthu.

Arrupe Senior Studies Centre

Pedro Arrupe, after studying medicine, joined the Society, and spent twenty-seven years as a missionary in Japan. He was novice-master in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb was dropped and he gave himself to tending the injured. In 1965, he was elected General Superior of the Jesuits. He was largely responsible for renewing the order after the Second Vatican Council. He was instrumental in linking faith with justice. He established the Jesuit Refugee Service. Arrupe died in 1991.

San Francisco Javier Performance and Arts Centre (JPAC)

Named after our College Patron St Francis Xavier. San Francisco Javier is Spanish for St Francis Xavier. The Family castle where Francis grew up is in Javier, Spain.

Centre de Langues Montmartre

‚ÄčOn the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 15th August, 1534, Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, and the other five original Companions journeyed together to the chapel of St. Denis in Montmartre, outside Paris to consecrate their lives to God through vows of poverty and Chastity.


Edmund Campion Theatre

St Edmund Campion lived during the turbulent period of church reformation in England in the 16th century. Raised a Protestant, Edmund converted to Catholicism in his late 30s and became a Jesuit priest. Not fearing persecution, he continued to celebrate the Catholic sacraments despite this being outlawed by the Queen. Edmund was captured and executed in 1581. He is recognised as a great martyr for the Catholic faith.


Blessed Miguel Pro Stage, Drama and Music Facility

Miguel Pro was a Jesuit priest during the Mexican Revolution, who was considered a "master of disguise", frequently concealing his identity in order to celebrate the mass during a time when public worship was prohibited. He was caught and falsely accused of attempting to assassinate the President. He was executed by firing squad whilst he outstretched his arms in the form of a cross shouting "Viva Christo Rey!" (Long live Christ the King!)


Andrea Pozzo Senior Art Room and Senior Design Technology Workshop Facility

Andrea joined the Jesuits as a Brother. He was a skilled artist. When funds would not allow a dome to be built in the St Ignatius Church in Rome, he designed the famous false cupola. It is in fact a flat roof but it appears to the naked eye as a dome. He wrote perspective theory and this spread to stage design and was even put into practice in the cinema.

"Frankies", The College Hospitality Kitchen and Restaurant, is an affectionate reference to our College patron.

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