Religious Education

The Religious Education program is an essential component of the curriculum.  Religious Education consists of two distinct but complementary dimensions, namely an educational dimension and a faith formation dimension. The first dimension, most commonly referred to as the classroom teaching and learning of Religion, is focused on Religious Education as an educational activity. The second dimension, faith formation, is reflected in the religious life of the College, family and Parish.  The curriculum Learning Area ‘Religious Education’ is supported by liturgies, retreats, reconciliation, daily prayer and weekly prayer by the whole College community.  Xavier Catholic College recognises the fact that the educational dimension and the faith formation dimension are inextricably linked. At the core of our ethos is our commitment to Ignatian tradition, and Ignatian Spirituality, which embraces the notion of reflective practice as espoused by Jesuit founder, St Ignatius Loyola.

Our Ignatian tradition calls us to enter into solidarity with the poor, the marginalised, and the voiceless, in order to enable their participation in the processes that shape the society in which we all live and work.

In keeping with this essential component of the Ignatian tradition, we ask our students to participate in an Ignatian service social justice program. This program includes opportunities to participate and engage with: nursing home visits, St Vincent de Paul (SVDP) activities, Jesuit Social Services, Jesuit Refugee Services, House Mission weeks, Clean Up Australia Day, NAIDOC week and a Timor Immersion.

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