Vision for Learning

Our Vision for Learning at Xavier is:

for our students to be reflective, self-directed lifelong learners who enjoy learning and experience success. They will understand and be able to articulate what they are learning, how they are going and where they will go next. They will be able to interpret assessment results and act on this understanding.

It will be characterised by:
  • A P-12 Focus;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • A Catholic Christian Ethos within an Ignatian tradition and Jesuit Charism;
  • A focus on learners;
  • The recognition that we are a learning community where we all have the capacity to learn from each other;
  • High expectations of students, parents and staff;
  • High quality, inspired and passionate teaching;
  • A variety of learning and teaching strategies to accommodate student learning styles;
  • High quality, targeted staff professional development;
  • Positive student, parent and staff relationships;
  • High quality feedback for all.


Xavier Catholic College promotes the love of learning and its value as a lifelong process. Learning and teaching strategies foster the development of a community of learners. The learning environment at Xavier Catholic College promotes excellence in learning and teaching and is driven by a learner centred approach which values students as lifelong learners.


Their lifelong learning is achieved through:


  • Offering a challenging rich and diverse range of learning experiences
  • Stimulating each student to strive for personal excellence
  • Encouraging individuality and creativity
  • Encouraging students to become active participants in their own formation
  • Helping students to develop a greater awareness of their responsibility to make their own decisions
  • Promoting students growth towards self-discipline
  • Promoting critical thinking


We offer a wide range of Learning Areas to cater for the interests and needs of our students, all following the Australian Curriculum. Our Junior School (P-5) classes have core classroom teachers in addition to specialist teachers in The Arts and Physical Education.  The Middle School (Y6-9) focusses on teaching and learning strategies for young adolescents and our Senior program (Y10-12) includes OP (university) and vocational pathways. We also offer a variety of extension and enrichment programs across Junior, Middle and Senior schools.